Had a fairly sleepless night. Decided I needed to get a professional opinion on my leg. Went to the minute clinic. They sent me to the urgent care clinic. I got a cortisone shot and prescription drugs. Apparently its not my IT band. I have sciatica. That would explain why the massage didn’t help and why the pain is moving into my calf and why my foot tingles when I try stretching.
Gonna take some time off here in Arlington so I can get healthy and get back on trail. It’s bad, but it’s not the worst thing. It happened at a good time when I was close to my friend Becky. She carted me around today and is taking good care of me. I’ll stay with her and her roommate until I’m better.
Got sushi for dinner. Sam and Becky picked it up. Went to target for my prescriptions earlier and got some real food for the next few days. It’s weird to shop for non trail food. So many delicious options! Watched a few episodes of house of cards. Now I’m going to bed. Hope I can sleep through the night, but if not at least better than last night.


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