Woke up in the middle of the night again in severe pain. Used the foam roller and laid on the ground for a while. It sucked. The day has been pretty good. When I first get up from bed I’m not wracked with pain, just 30 seconds or so after I get up. Progress!

Becky and Sam headed off to work before I was fully awake and I spent the day finishing the first season of House of Cards, doing Becky’s laundry, ordering kindle books and dealing with health insurance stuff. I also took a shower which was pretty difficult and I scheduled an appointment with a physical therapist. Becky its going to drop me off tomorrow morning on her way to work. Its only 1.5 miles from here. I’d walk normally. I would love to walk, but I’ll probably have to take the metro home. Hopefully the PT can help me.

Yesterday I fixed my map page on the website so check it out. Sooo, bed rest is boring. I want to go outside. Outside is five floors down and Becky yells at me when I venture out. She’s doing a great job of taking care of me.


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