Big day today! I’ve made some real progress on my health. I prefer to walk instead of crawl now and I don’t find every movement so agonizing. The physical therapist this morning probably had something to do with that or maybe the cortisone shot is kicking in. Either way I haven’t been in tears from the pain since sitting in the waiting room at 8:30 this morning.

I took the metro home after my appointment and got a salad from Wendy’s. I watched Despicable Me and sorted through my pack, organizing. I also went to the pool, hoping that would help my injury and I did all the exercises the PT instructed to do. Except I didn’t finish my last set of leg lifts. That was too painful.

There were a lot of young pretty people at the pool tanning. I was the only one swimming. I don’t think anyone over 35 lives here in this high rise. Everyone looks young and rich. I’m very out of place.

It’s been great getting to know Sam, her boyfriend Tyler and hanging out with Becky. Sam introduced me to flat coat retrievers and she’s very crafty.

I also offered to go check the mail for Sam and I did some cooking and dishes. It’s nice not to feel like a useless, crippled bum. I’ve gotta remind myself to take it easy yet. I’m not cured.

I’ll be so happy to get back on the trail, but I am being sure to try to make the best of my time here. Thanks for your thoughts and positive vibes and advice. Crossing my fingers that I sleep through the night tonight!


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