Back on trail! Not gonna lie: I was in pain this morning. Stretched a lot, got a biscuit and coffee at Bayou with Becky then hit the road. I sat in the passenger seat! It wasn’t real comfortable, but I worked into it. Once in Harper’s Ferry we got sno cones. It was awesome to see hikers out in front of the ATC. About 100 people have checked in since I was there last. Becky walked me to the trail and said goodbye. I walked a little ways and called my mom. She reminded me that I had a package to pick up at the ATC. Duh! Went back and got that. Next section of my guidebook and some delicious goodies from Bob and Nino. I’m excited for those chocolate covered coffee beans tomorrow morning! Genius! I don’t cook, so don’t get hot coffee much on trail. Beans will do the trick!

So hiking was interesting. I felt like I was relearning how to walk. I took it slow. Hiked some with catch 22, met ref. I passed St Peters church. It’s a historical place. I was walking through like a historical village. Lots of tourists. I dropped my pack and poles, went into the church, found a pew, flipped the kneeler and prayed. I prayed really, really hard. I prayed for my family, my friends, all the hikers on the trail and I prayed for strength and courage. I feel so incredibly grateful and happy to be back on the trail, but I’m terrified of getting hurt again. I prayed for the clarity to be able to make the right decisions for my health and future. When I left the church, I felt lighter.

As I walked hiking became more natural. I was careful with each step. I get weird sensations in my calf and foot. I met Amos, who is from AK, but lives in NY. I walked six miles to Ed Garvey shelter. It was 4:00. I decided to stop for the day. I did my stretches. Loosest I’ve been in a while. Here with novy, gravy, talula, pepa, mini pearl, powderpuff and some section hikers. There are boy scouts camped out. I’m sleeping in the shelter. I did my stretches again after dinner. I am worried about waking up tomorrow morning in pain. Today was a good day. Nice terrain, new friends. It felt like coming home.


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