Rough morning. It was raining. My leg didn’t hurt as much as it did yesterday, but it still hurt. I took a vicadin, got sick, vomited and then started feeling better. I had been looking for a place in town to recuperate, but decided it would be better to just zero here. We all gathered around the bathrooms getting our stuff together. Pepa and ref are zeroing here too. Ref and I went to town where I bounced some food ahead. I can’t carry all that weight. It hurts my leg. I talked to my mom today. She’s willing to come out and get me if I need to get off trail, but I’m gonna give it a few days yet and see if my sciatica improves.

It’s been raining all day. Stopped for a bit around 4:00, then started storming again. Rain should be done tomorrow morning. I hung my hammock in the bathroom. Gonna stay dry tonight. Had a great time with Pepa and Ref. Good people. So glad i met them. I love this trail so much.


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