I saw the chiropractor today. He said my hips were misaligned. This in turn made some of the other bones in my leg misaligned. Fortunately it did not affect my spine though. The hip misalignment stressed my piriformis muscle, causing it to spasm and irritate my sciatic nerve. He realigned my hips and moved a bone in my knee and a bone in my foot. I haven’t felt this good in weeks, but I’m trying not to get too excited. I’m gonna see how I feel tomorrow. I slept for shit last night, ended up on the floor instead of the mattress and took pain pills. This morning I just took Aleve and did my stretches. At the chiro I sat in a chair like a regular person for twenty minutes. Usually I don’t last 30 seconds. I’m hesitantly hopeful. Tomorrow will be the real test. I also realize that my hips might come out of alignment again, but I have a resource for chiropractors up the trail now. Oh, I walked around with my loaded pack for a while too and that felt pretty good.

John Reed, a local trail angel gave me a ride to the chiropractor and also to the Rite Aid. He told me that Camp David is only 5 miles from here. He also told me about his son who didn’t go to college and is making 21.50/hr starting wage in building maintenance. He was very proud of his son. He also talked to me about his smoker and his recipe for leg of lamb. John works in heating and A/C. He told me he’s getting bored with his job though, but at the same time he’s easily amused. I liked talking to him.

Looks like I’m alone again tonight at the hostel. It’s gonna storm tonight and tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best for tomorrow morning when I wake up.


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