Slept in this morning since we got to camp so late last night. Then we walked about .1 miles to a park right off the trail to use the bathrooms. There were some people setting up food near a pavilion. One of the ladies came over and asked if we were thru hikers and invited us over for food. Tons of food! Spring rolls, summer rolls, fruit, avocados, beer, soda, burgers, potato salad, chips. We stayed several hours. Several other thru hikers showed up and we all shared stories, talked, laughed and ate lots of food. I even took a nap.

When we left, I couldn’t hike too well. It was probably the 17 miles yesterday. We walked a mile or so to the next shelter and found thru hikers laying everywhere napping. I wanted to lay down too cuz my leg hurt so I pulled out my sleeping pad and laid in the shelter. Copper (the dog) was there with his owner Blast and Copper came up and laid next to me. I wish it would have been Pippin and Tinker though. They’re much better at snuggling.

So we ended up neroing at the shelter because of my leg. Bummer.


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