Well, the day started out pretty rough. Hiking hurt. Carpenter carried my food for me but I was still stopping every few minutes to relieve the pressure on my leg. The pain was in my calf and it just felt super super tight, even though my calf muscles were loose. It’s that darn sciatic nerve. I decided to put duct tape around my calf, but Carpenter came up with a better idea. I put his other knee brace around my calf and then we tied it with a piece of my bear bagging rope and then taped it, just to be sure it stayed. It worked! I could hike! Still not pain free, but it got me to where I am now, which is a truly wonderful place. Here’s the story:

A couple miles shy of our destination for the night we crossed a road. It was still early in the day, so Carpenter and I decided to go to town and explore. We couldn’t get a hitch but the walk was only a mile or so. What we found was a tavern! Of course. They were playing good music. I got ice from the bartender to put on my leg. Then this couple came in and the lady Kristin asked if we were hikers and if I was hurt. She went home and brought me Aleve (I lost my toiletry bag yesterday so I had no more. I know where the bag is. I’ll get it back in a couple days.) And she brought me arnica and balsam of myrrh. Awesome! I bought them both a beer. Then we just hung out with the locals and had fun. I met Penny who is a nurse and played word search with another girl. Penny brought in these tortilla roll up things. We played music on the juke box and played a game of pool with Kristin and Travis who are letting us camp in their backyard tonight. Trevor made a fire and showed us his remodeling on the house and we got to take hot showers and do laundry and I got a new toothbrush and they fed us pad Thai and a yummy rice dish and even boiled some eggs for Carpenter. He really loves hard boiled eggs. We drank more beer and wine and talked til late. Such amazingly generous people! Oh and Travis flies. He has these wings and a motor and he teaches other people how to fly too.
What a day!


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