Left Kristen and Travis’s early afternoon and put in over 10 miles. Terrain was nice. Hiking later in the day the forest was really vividly green. The weather was hot and humid, but it’s storming now and the temperature has dropped which is very pleasant. Stopped at a snack bar in Caledonia park where we met up with Grim, Whistle, Dumptruck and Clever Girl. Man, it was good to see them again. They all stayed at the last shelter: quarry gap, which is actually two shelters and there are begonias and impatients growing there in pots. Carpenter and I pushed on a little more since we had a late start, but are camped just shy of our original destination because the storm was coming on and we wanted to stay out of the rain this late at night.

It was fun to skip through rocks today. I made a new game where I hold my trekking pole a particular way and drag it across certain rocks to make cool noises.

My Solomon’s are falling apart. I have less than 400 miles on them. I’d like them to last me through PA at least. We’ll see. Great to be hiking today. Fun, fun, fun.


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