Hiked 11 miles into Duncannon today, got my first taste of the PA rocks. They’re kinda fun for a while. Hopping around takes a lot of focus though which gets tiring. The Doyle hotel is a legend on the trail. It used to be a nice fancy hotel, built by anheuser busch, but now it’s really run down. There’s a bar on the first floor and I hung out with a bunch of hikers for quite a while. Carpenter and I got one of the last rooms. I enjoyed a cold shower and washed some clothes in the sink and went through the box of food my mom sent. Yum yum. She sent dried coconut pieces. Not great calorie wise but super delicious and light weight.

At the Doyle I met Matthewski and ran into DB, who I haven’t seen since the smokies. Lots of catching up and BS ing for a Saturday night. So the room was really hot (no ac, 4th floor) and Carpenter and I hiked out at 1am, rather than be miserable. It was a long walk out of town and over the Susquehanna river and then up a steep, rocky mountain. Might have been a bad idea to do that at night, but we made it 6 miles and set up camp right before the first shelter.


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