Left camp by 8:30 and got in 16 miles by 3:30. As I crossed a grassy field a mile before camp, I saw a big dark cloud headed my way. The temperature started to drop, the wind shifted and I heard thunder. I ran most of the remaining mile to find Carpenter staking down his groundcloth. I helped set up the tent and we dove in right before the rain came. After a while it quit and we hitched into town (Lickdale) just to see what was going on and to see if we could charge our electronics. We stopped at the KOA campstore and gas station, filling drink orders for other thru hikers back at camp.

The miles were pretty easy today. Not terribly rocky. I stopped at Rausch Gap shelter (that adds another .6 to my total) for water, to wet my head, shirt and buff. Another hot day, but better than yesterday. We’re camped by a road again tonight, but again there are a lot of hikers here, so I’m not too worried.

We’re planning to zero in about a week in Delaware Water Gap. After that it’s less than a mile to New Jersey. I’ve only taken one zero in PA. I’m looking forward to an air conditioned hotel room and TV. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of errands to run and will probably have to shower about three times to get clean, but I should still get some time to just chill. Ahh, the day is finally cooling down. Gonna sleep well tonight. Anyone with trouble sleeping should just walk through the woods all day on a hot summer day. You sleep like a dead person.


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