Ow! Ow! Ow! Rocks hurt feets. Did 19 miles and the last 3 hurt my poor feet. Why are there so many rocks in PA? Why are they scattered randomly in the trail and not arranged in neat patterns that are easy to navigate? Hiking through rocks is not a graceful sport. Still, I enjoyed the first sixteen miles of the day.

Last night the rain wasn’t too bad and I slept really well. Camped with Nuge and Faceplant.

I got into Hamburg today around 2 pm and retrieved my package at the post office. Carpenter texted me to say he was staying in town another night and we’re splitting a room now. The promise of TV and beer combined with sore feet made it an easy decision. And there is a Cabelas across the street! Gonna check that out tomorrow.

Thanks for the date bars and trail food mom! Nice note, Pat. Even got a note in my box from my cousin Laura who visited WI last weekend.


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