Got stuck at Blue Mountain Summit restaurant and b&b tonight. Carpenter had his new shoes sent here and they won’t arrive until tomorrow. We’re camped behind the B&B. We only did 11 miles today, but had planned on 17. So it goes… It was a good hike. Lots of rocks. We got rained on in the afternoon. The temperatures were a little cooler than the last few days.

The owner at the B&B, Kenny, doesn’t like hikers. He charged us extra for our beer, he acted like we were doing him a huge inconvenience when we asked him to look for the package, he complained about us to other hikers, he told the two hikers staying in the B&B that they had to leave by 6am, and he didn’t want to make them breakfast. The rooms cost $100-150. The waitresses were nice. Kenny ignored me and treated me like an idiot. Usually I would pass it off and just guess that he was having a bad day, but he was rude to all the hikers who patronized his establishment today and he was friendly and cordial to non hikers. This is the first time I’ve been discriminated against on trail. It probably won’t be the last time.


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