It rained pretty good last night. I slept great though. This morning I called Jacks R Better and ordered a summer quilt. Yay! Great customer service. I get the quilt in Unionville, NY in a week. I also called Salomon. They said it would be two to three weeks before I get the new shoes. Carpenter’s came in one week, so I’m kinda sad about that. I’m not sure I can go that long without new shoes. I should have called earlier. At least the new ones will be prettier (red) and the design is new and improved.

So my feet hurt a lot today, mostly just my big toes. All those rocks are hard on my feet. (wish i had new shoes!) We had a few boulder scrambles today. One was called knifes edge. All the rocks were slippery today and therefore dangerous. I was having fun until my feet started to hurt. We did thirteen miles into Palmerton where we are staying at the Jail House Hostel. It’s free. And I got to take a shower! You have to check in at the police station.


Carpenter and I got a 22″ pizza and a 2 liter of root beer at Tony’s Pizza. We only had a couple bites left by the time we were done. It was my fault. I couldn’t finish my last piece.



We met Chuppacabra today on a boulder scramble. Clark Kent and Wander Woman are staying here tonight. It’s a full house. Everyone seems really nice.

Tomorrow’s hike is going to be interesting… You’ll hear all about it. Loving the AT, even though it hurts.  🙂


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