I fell asleep reading the Hobbit last night and slept well until 5am. I walked around outside for a bit and then laid back down and had a nightmare about the people at the hostel throwing all my gear away. There was dumpster diving involved, yelling, crying, small children at dance class, the  Medleys, slot machines. It was very involved. I woke up crying and immediately checked to see if my gear was where I left it, then I told Carpenter we needed to get out of there and packed up right quick. We grabbed breakfast at Bert’s where several other hikers were chowing down. Then we hiked.

Sooooo… we were supposed to do this technical climb out of Lehigh gap, but we took a wrong trail and bypassed it. It was really disappointing. We walked back to check it out and I was game to descend and then climb back up (it was only .8 miles) but Carpenter said it wouldn’t be smart to add that mileage because we had to hike 15 miles with just two liters of water already. He was probably right. So we hiked on. The rocks were not as bad as yesterday and we did 16 miles.

We’re camped near Leroy Smith shelter tonight in a real pretty spot. There is thunder and lightening in the distance getting closer. It’s mixed with fireworks. We didn’t have any rain today which was a good change.

We met Cocapella today. He hiked last year nobo and made it sixty miles south of Katahdin where he broke his knee cap. He’s thru hiking again this year. He’s hiking with his dog Deedee. Also met a sobo hiker named Wired. We hung out with Rock Ocean for a while. He was at a road crossing chilling in his vw bus and offered us some gatorade. He’s shuttling hikers this year, following us all the way to Maine. Very nice fellow. What an enjoyable day today. Gotta sleep now. Want to be up early to hike twenty miles into Delaware Water Gap early. We hear there will be hot dogs.  🙂


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