Happy Independence Day! I watched the fireworks in Delaware Water Gap at the golf course. They weren’t as good as at home and I miss the Freistadt parade.

I’m camped behind the church. They run a hostel. We got here too late for the hot dog dinner but did get leftovers. I ate four hotdogs and wasn’t full.

Hiking was rough today. Rocks, rocks, rocks. You can’t make good miles in rocks, you’re always tripping, it’s frustrating. Carpenter and I stopped for a break at one point and he cooked a pasta side and ramen and we split it. That helped. We also took a nap mid morning. Sitting here at the church taking to other hikers is nice. Everyone is so sick of PA. I’ve never been so down on any other part of the trail. Even going through the smokies in the snow, freezing temps and rain was better than these rocks.

My feet hurt so bad. I’m buying new shoes at the outfitter tomorrow. I cannot wait three weeks for new ones. I have no tread left on the toe end. I put on Carpenter’s new shoes the other night and they are so cozy. Mine are paper thin on the bottom. At least I’ll have a new pair of shoes ready and waiting for when the ones I buy tomorrow wear out.

PA trails are also the most overgrown I’ve seen on trail. My arms and legs are all scratched up and Carpenter had four ticks on him yesterday.

I’m glad I got to see the fireworks and eat hot dogs. And I’m super glad I’ll be in New Jersey tomorrow. There’s rocks there too, but only a couple more days I hear.

Happy holiday everyone!


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