Had breakfast at the water gap diner, then hit the outfitter for new shoes and a new food bag. Mine was no longer waterproof. I like dry food. Then got a ride to the Walmart to resupply. Gosh, what long checkout lines! Saw Grim, whistle, dumptruck and clever girl in town. Waited until the heat subsided a bit, them hiked out at 4. It was 90 degrees today.

Hello New Jersey! Walked over the Delaware river, then did a 1000 foot climb, then walked ridgeline. There were views today! I didn’t realize how much I missed them in PA.

Also hiked around Sunfish Pond.


The rocks weren’t too bad and I ate some wild blueberries today. The mosquitos and gnats got really bad later in the day and I tried to out hike them. Ugh. It kinda worked. I did about 13 miles today and am camped out at Rattlesnake gap. The mosquitos can’t get through my hammock bug net. Haha, bugs! This campsite is really crowded. A few big groups out here, but I’m tucked away a bit with Fuel and White Spear, two thrus I just met. Carpenter is somewhere behind me a mile or so. I guess we didn’t communicate well enough about where to meet. No worries. I’m sure I’ll see him tomorrow. I hope its not too noisy here tonight. Ahh, it’s nice to be out of PA.

My new shoes need a little breaking in. I do like the tougher toe guard; kicking rocks doesn’t hurt as much. They’re a little higher on the ankle too which I think will be good for ankle support, although I haven’t been rolling my ankle as much as I used to. The shoes I have now are still Salomon, but they’re the adventure trail runners. Gotta rest up for tomorrow now!


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