Hiked again today! Yeah! Left the fire tower and it was already getting warm. The tree cover helps keep us cooler. Stopped on sunrise mountain today. Nice view and cool pavilion. I laid on the rock floor to cool down and there was a nice breeze. Stayed there several hours talking with vitamin c, bro hawk and double d. Nice guys. Then we all hiked 3.4 to the next shelter and talked some more. As we were leaving the pavilion a storm was coming in. The three guys I just mentioned saw a tornado form! The rocks are not as bad in Jersey. If only the mosquitos weren’t so bad.  😉 Now we’re camped under a tower again tonight. Gonna hit the highest point in Jersey early tomorrow morning. Great day on the AT. Got rained on for a few minutes late in the day. It was nice and cool. Blueberries everywhere! Water here is scarce, but trail angels have been leaving fresh water along the trail for us. So grateful for that! Some of the water sources are pretty sketchy to begin with: stagnant water, discoloration, piddly. I like Jersey. Only here a few more days, then into NY!


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