Spent two nights at Anton’s on the Lake in Greenwood Lake, NY. (We’re officially out of Jersey.) It was the nicest place I’ve stayed on the trail. I highly recommend it. There was a jacuzzi tub! We just laid around and watched movies all day. I feel refreshed now. Most people get two days off every week. I get one day off every couple weeks. Breaks are important, even when you’re doing fun stuff like hiking thousands of miles.

I got my new quilt and am sending a bunch of stuff home, so my pack is lighter. I’m very excited about that.

We’ll get some tougher terrain tomorrow. This area is the “land of delis” according to a local resident. There are many delis close to the trail and the pizza is delicious around here! Oh, hitch hiking is illegal in NY, so I’ll have to be careful about that. The mosquitos have been bad. I’ve got some super powerful deet headed my way in the mail. That should tame them a bit. That’ll be good for deterring ticks too. I haven’t found any ticks on me yet, although I’ve had a few on my gear. I know a couple hikers on antibiotics for lyme disease already.


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