Today is my four month anniversary on the trail! Hit 1400 miles today, walked through a zoo, yes, a zoo. Its part of the trail. now I’ve seen six bears on the AT, two in a cage. Stopped at the AT market, which is directly off the trail and got a hero, which is what they call a sub in these here parts. Now I’m camped out at the spiritual life center at the ball field. I got a cold outdoor shower and there are port a potties. The a/c at the AT market was wonderful. I love a/c so much, so much more than I did before the trail. It was 90+ degrees today and we have a heat advisory for the rest of the week. I think its the heat that is killing my miles. It’s just so exhausting. Got some 1400 mile beers and drank them sitting in the hammock a mile south of here.
NY is still pretty. We climbed bear mountain this morning. Beautiful trail, very well maintained. Going down wasn’t as nicely marked but there were lots of nice rock steps. The other climbs of the day were steep, like most of NY. On top if bear mountain there is a tower and on a clear day you can see NYC, but it wasn’t real clear, so no NYC. The heat got to me a little bit today. I’d love some cooler weather.


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