So hot today. Heat index of 108. We didn’t start hiking til it cooled off some at 6:30. Only hiked five miles. Hung out at the pavilion all day talking to hikers. A man walking his dog (Josh) stopped and talked to us this morning and said a prayer for us.

Lacking motivation lately. Dreaming of a/c, a comfy bed, cold water from a tap and fresh vegetables. I hope this passes soon. I’ve got to put in some miles. I’m looking forward to Vermont and new Hampshire and Maine, but I’ve got to get through NY, CT and mass first.  I do have my mail drop to look forward to in a couple days, then we’ll be in CT the next day. Here’s the pavilion at the ball field at the monastery.


Saw a huge toad there eating earwigs. Hiking I saw lots of tiny toads on trail.


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