Hit the trail by 7am. Hiked until 10am, then took a nap, hung out waiting til the heat died down, then hiked til 7pm ish, taking lots of breaks. Got in 14+ miles. Felt pretty crappy most of the day. I think its just the heat. I could be vitamin deficient too. Looks like next week should cool down into the seventies.

Carpenter and I were toying around with the idea of driving north and then hiking south to avoid the heat, but I checked the weather up in VT and NH and its just as hot there. Just gotta tough it out.

Trail magic tonight! Got cold Leines beers when we arrived at the RPH shelter, our home for the night. Met Mr giggleFitz and paisley. Fozzy Bear is here too. His knee is bothering him. At this point I think we’re all pretty broken. We all have aches and pains. Stories of constant knee pain, foot problems, infections, lyme disease, heat exhaustion, scraps, bruises. Battle scars, just battle scars.

I’m glad we’re at this shelter tonight. It was nice to converse with other thru hikers I hadn’t met before. It’s just nice to know that we’re all going through the same thing. Lady got off the trail yesterday to take a week off. She really sounded like she needed it. The only extended time I’ve taken off is for injury. I think another week off to just do nothing would be nice but really it’ll be nicer to be 100 miles north of here.

The deer in NY are really pretty. They are lighter in color than WI deer. Been seeing deer often the part couple weeks. No more bear sightings yet. Saw several frogs today and the mushrooms still fascinate me.


This flag was painted on top of a mountain I crossed today. It’s in memory of 9/11.


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