Put in 16.8 today. Did 9 miles by noon with a stop at a deli, then hung out at the Morgan something shelter til 4:30 where I met timber, little engine and ambassador.

Our next stop was nuclear lake. Not sure if it was safe to swim in, but we did anyway. Double d, bro hawk, button and the TN boys were there too. Then we hustled and did the last 3.3 in less than an hour. The mosquitos were bad and here at the shelter they’re even worse. There are clouds of them buzzing around my hammock right now. When I got here I rushed to get all my chores done so I could dive in here and be safe from the bloodsuckers.

Met my first legitimate sobo (southbound) thru hiker today on the trail to the shelter. He started June 5, he’s from Oregon and his name is Mercury.

The last couple miles of the day all those baby toads were hopping all over the place again. And yesterday Carpenter and I heard a bird that sounded like a rusty swing.

I’m in a better mood today than I have been the past few days. I think laying low during the heat of the day helps.

Got a resupply to look forward to tomorrow morning!


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