Walked three miles to Native Landscape and Garden Center to get my food drop. My mom sent my stove too so now I can cook hot food. My no cook diet just want filling me up anymore and I had strong cravings for something hot.

I hung out at the landscape place a bit and by 9:30am, it was hotter than blazes. The heat was making me loopy so I decided to go to town to escape it. Hitched in with Carpenter and Barbarosa. Now we’re watching movies and eating delivery food with the a/c on full blast. The a/c is super loud, so we have to blare the volume on the TV in order to hear it. Kinda a seedy place here.

The heat index is over 100. The temperature is 97. I don’t want to be here. I want to be hiking but it’d be dangerous for me to be out there. I can’t handle this kind of heat. I’d rather pay for a motel than be sick though. Probably gonna stay here again tomorrow. The temperature is supposed to start dropping Saturday. Its been nice getting to know Barbarosa. He’s from VA and lives on a farm. We talked about fermented food and self sufficiency and apples.


Saw the largest oak tree on the AT today!


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