Holy mosquito! They’re at it again tonight, trying to suck out all my blood. I’m at pine swamp brook shelter. From the name of the shelter I guessed they would be bad. The ones trapped between my bug net and tarp make a lot of noise. Sounds like there are hundreds out there!

I did 17.3 miles today. Slept in some in the morning because Carpenter and I were planning on getting fuel in Kent and the outfitter wasn’t open til 10am and we were camped only .3 from town, but we stratched that plan when we realized we could make it to Salisbury in a couple days and get fuel there. No rain last night. I was hoping for storms to lower the temperature a bit.

Had a pleasant and flat walk along the Housatonic river today, then some pretty climbs to end the day. A frog jumped right into my shin today. It was a strange sensation. I got trail magic before the river from crazy goose and ducky who thru hiked in 2011. They are from CT. Cherries, lemonade, tortilla chips, brownies, cookies. Yum, yum, yum. I didn’t feel so great this afternoon. I think it was the heat still getting to me, but the cooler weather in the evening was wonderful. I hiked until a little after eight.

Mr. Gigglefitz has lyme disease. He’s on antibiotics now. Bummer. Met gravy tonight. Different gravy than I already know. Found out Pepa is off trail and Fatty is 500 miles from Katahdin. I’ll be at 700 tomorrow morning.

Climbed down some really steep steps today and shimmied through a crack in a boulder. CT is pretty, but hot, but I just keep telling myself that the heat will pass, the heat will pass. It can’t last forever. Ah, to be in the smokies again… Haha. Nah, I’m glad I’m in CT, and I’m excited for the rest of the trail.



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