Hiked eight miles into Falls Village, CT this morning. Got trail magic there from Privy, Walkie Talkie and a trail maintainer. The first two they hiked in ’97. I got Cheetos, a hot dog and a cold drink. Then I met Tracy at the iron bridge and rode to her house. Tracy and Dan own Chubby Bunny Farm, a vegetable CSA that my friend Alissa used to intern at. They invited me to stay the night. They fed me fresh vegetables and gave me beer and let me play with their kids and dog. Beatrice is eight, Baxter is three and Sedgy the dog is two (I think).

Bea showed me around the farm and we helped pick onions with the current apprentices: Dan, Sam, Lisa and Emily. We swam in the creek and ate bacon maple popcorn. I saw the baby bunnies they had found and just had a really great time.

Visiting the farm and talking farming was refreshing to my soul. This has been a hard year for Chubby Bunny because of all the rain in the spring. Dan and Tracy were wonderful and so generous. I’m so glad to have met them and their family. I could have stayed there much longer. They even invited me to. If I wasn’t behind schedule already I would have but I’ve got miles to put in. Oh, and I slept in a house for the first time on trail. It was strange.  All those house noises were foreign. I might have to sleep outside when I get home.  😉 A tremendous thank you to Dan and Tracy for welcoming me into their home.



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