19.9 today. What a fun hike today. I hit 1500 miles and crossed into Massachusetts. Woo! Bear mountain looked intimidating on the elevation profile, but was a pretty easy climb. Mount Race was awesome, beautiful views and tons of blueberries.


After breakfast at Dan and Tracy’s, I got dropped off at iron bridge
around 9am. The miles came easy, although I was tired in the morning. I stopped in Salisbury and got fuel and a new pair of underwear at the outfitter, then stopped at a bakery and got a coffee, cupcake and cookie. I hiked with Ambo, Little Engine and Timber for a bit. I met Angus and The Hunger, ran into Paisley and Mr. Gigglefitz and Carpenter. Now all of us are camped out at Race Brook Falls campsite. It stormed some in the afternoon. Nice cool rain. I love this terrain. Some flat sections, but good challenging climbs and descents too. Beautiful down by Sages Ravine. So far MA is great!



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