Had a restless night’s sleep due to all the animals prowling around. Around 2am started hearing a moose! It was really close to camp, then moved further away and then closer again. Heard it most of the night and then again in the morning once. Later on in the day we met the Massachusetts ridge runner, Sawdog who played the sounds of a moose on his Audubon mammal app on his phone, confirming the suspicions. I didn’t even know there were moose in MA, but apparently there are a few. Didn’t see any bear today but did see bear evidence.

We hiked only ten miles because we were told not to miss stopping at Upper Goose Pond Cabin where I’m camped out now. The pond is really a small lake and it’s gorgeous. On our walk here we saw two boats near shore and I went up to see what was going on and before you know it carpenter and I are sitting in a boat drinking cold beers with some locals. Captain Nicholas even gave us a ride to the cabin dock. It was about a quarter mile. I’ve aqua blazed now! It was really fun to ride in a boat.

After setting up my camp I went for a dip. The water wasn’t too cold and was really clean. Refreshing! Helga the German Shepard followed me in and got the dry clothes I’d laid on the dock all wet. I helped her find her tennis ball which she had dropped in the water.

Lately I’ve been talking in my sleep a lot. I just hope it doesn’t evolve into sleep walking. That would be bad, but I’d potentially get miles done faster.  😉

Tomorrow the caretaker here makes coffee and pancakes. I’ve gotta set my alarm and hit the hay so I’m the first one up!


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