What a day! Started the day off with blueberry pancakes and strong coffee at Upper Goose Pond Cabin, washed our dishes in the backyard and headed back to the trail. Lots of hikers, including us were planning on doing the 20.6 miles to Dalton. It was a great hike. Started off with a big climb and then ridge walked until we got closer to Dalton where we had a steep descent. The last three miles my legs were starting to feel like jelly and I was getting really hungry, but we made it safely to Tom Lavardi’s house. He lets hikers camp in his back yard. It’s a full house tonight. A little tent city.
The trail goes directly through town here in Dalton.

After setting up camp we went to eat! Angelina’s subs were delicious. I ate a 12″ guinness kielbasa sub with mustard and sauerkraut as well as half a chef salad. I’ve been eating a ton of food on trail too, so I had to stop at the gas station and get a few more things to tie me over until I get to Bennington, VT which is where my next mail drop is.

Today I stopped on Warren mountain and ate a ton of wild blueberries.



I kept a lookout for bears but didn’t see any. Saw a lot of bear scat on trail today. Also met the other MA ridge runner, Jim and his fluffy, white, pretty dog. We also stopped to see the cookie lady. Her and her husband live 100 yards of trail and chive hikers free cookies and they have boiled eggs for sale (35 cents each). Besides having chickens on their land they also have a few acres of pick your own blueberries. Very, very nice people. I had left Carpenter at the trail because he wasn’t feeling well all day and I came back with the cookies and six eggs. I was making lunch and setting up my tarp because it was starting to rain when I look over at Carpenter and there is only one egg left! He ate five eggs in a matter of minutes. I thought he was hiding them from me at first but he really thought that I had brought all the eggs for him. So I only got one egg to mix in with my instant mashed potato lunch and then we gave Leaks $2.10 when he passed us to go buy us six more. Three for me, three more for Carpenter.

Oh, another fun story of the day: A sobo hiker passed us wearing just his tightie whities. He said “watch out for the poop on the rock up ahead.” And I asked if it was his. It wasn’t he said. Just more bear poop. Hikers are weird.

Carpenter and I were in the gas station for a long time trying to figure out what food to buy. People listening to our conversation must have thought we were really strange because we were comparing calories, ounces, cost like other people analyze business expenses or stock portfolios or vehicle features. We don’t go to the store to buy the food we want but the food that will fuel us mile after mile and not break the bank or our backs.

I read in a shelter log the other day… you know you’re a thru hiker if you can’t remember your real name without looking at your photo ID. (I still remember my name mom, don’t worry, but I’d probably forget it if I didn’t call every week.)

Oh, I think I need new socks… (be thankful you can’t smell them.)



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