Things didn’t work out as planned today and Carpenter and I took a zero. We mostly sat on the porch talking to Tom and pink leprechaun. What a guy Tom is! He’s got so many stories and he’s so generous to hikers. He’s a full time hiker caretaker! He made coffee this morning and offered us donuts and bagels and English muffins. He has a leak in his ceiling under the bathroom. Bummer.

We ride into rotten with Tom and pink leprechaun while they did errands, stopping at McDonalds for lunch. Two sobo hikers stopped by for a minute and Tom gave us all ice cream.


Nomad stopped in for a visit too. He’s a trail angel who is running shuttles in a van he bought from uncle Johnny (Erwin, TN) he’s headed home tomorrow but he was with his two girls and they plan on hiking Greylock tomorrow. Nomad has all the hikers he meets write in his van.


That’s nomads daughters, nomad, pink leprechaun and Tom in front of the van.

Hikers started rolling in in the evening and I got super tired and went to lie down. I get to sleep in a real bed in Tom’s basement tonight! I think I just was suffering from sensory overload. Town can do that to a hiker. So many loud noises and fast movement.

Oh, the best part of today was walking up to the porch this morning and seeing Timber. Little Engine and Ambo were close by. I didn’t expect to see them here. We all slept here last night but had no idea we were all here. They’re slack packing today. We’ll see them again soon.


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