23.6 mile slack pack today over Mt Greylock, the highest peak in MA and our first 3000 footer since Virginia. Woo! Got a bit of a late start through no fault of our own and headed out of north Adams back toward Dalton a little after 10. It was a steep climb but I had a lot of energy and it felt good. The top of Greylock has a tower and a lodge where we ran into bottle cap, fun size and waffles (not the same waffles from the beginning of my hike- he finished at Harper’s ferry)


After having a burger at the lodge, Carpenter and I headed down the mountain. Nice terrain, lots of board walking over wet spots on the trail. We saw some beaver dams and two porcupines! One was right on trail and I got video of it as we followed it down the trail. Another was climbing a tree.


We were glad to be done for the day. We rolled in around 8:30 with sore legs and feet and empty stomachs. We took bikes to the sub shop and took care of the last ailment. A good nights rest should take care of the first two. What a fun, pretty hike today. Too bad we’re leaving Tom’s tomorrow. It’d be great to get to know him more. I’d say Tom’s is a must stop on the trail. Vermont tomorrow!

Oh, and I saw Rusty and Toast today! Wow! Haven’t seen them since Overmountain shelter, the barn shelter back in Virginia. Hopefully I see them again soon so we can catch up. We couldn’t stop to long because we were slack packing and had to get back before dark.


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