I’ve entered Vermont!

As soon as we crossed the border it got muddy and there were patches of muddy trail all day requiring deft footwork as I hopped from rock to root to log to avoid submerging my foot in a mud pit. Vermont has been nicknamed “Vermud” by hikers, so I expect the wet trail to continue. Vermont is even prettier than Massachusetts though. I kept my eye out for moose all day, but haven’t seen one yet.

We did 16.1 miles today from North Adams where Tom dropped us off. He told me that Earl Schaffer (the first AT thru hiker) didn’t wear socks. I guess having holes in my socks, I don’t have anything to complain about!

We stopped at Congdon shelter for dinner where I met sobo hiker Spits and talked to nobo hiker Lucky. There were lots of non thru hikers there, a few who were not very well prepared for spending several days in the wilderness, but thought they knew better. It was kind of like being back in Georgia. I was happy to leave. We’re stealth camping near a stream tonight. I hear coyotes in the distance and the stream gurgling and Carpenter rolling around in his tent.

The AT follows the Long Trail for 105 miles in Vermont and the word on the trail is that there are lots of LT thru hikers out. I met two for sure today Hannah and Amy. The trail is 273 miles in total. They plan on being out for 17 days without taking any zero days and are carrying all their food. Eeek! I don’t even like carrying five days of food.

Oh, I scared up a few ground birds today. Maybe grouse? They pretended to be injured. I scooted on past real quick because I hear they will attack you if you’re threatening their babies or home.

Into Bennington tomorrow for resupply. Then more hiking!


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