Four and a half months on trail today. It’s hard to believe I’ve spent four and a half months living in the woods, hiking the Appalachian trail. I don’t know what it’s going to be like waking up in the morning when I get home and not having to hike or pack up gear.

Today we hitched into Bennington, VT. Our ride was a very nice 88 year old man, but the drive was a bit swervy. We went to the post office and got our food drops, (those Marie Callender meals are yummy!) then went to friendly’s for some hot food and ice cream. Then to the Rite Aid for anti inflammatories. Our hitch out of town was from a big lady jamming to Lil John in her new used car. She was great.

I saw my first Vermont moose!


We met a couple older guys day hiking while we were coming into Bennington. One of them told us there are four seasons in Vermont: winter (which lasts seven months), mud season, bug season and hunting season. He was from Woodford.

It rained today in the afternoon and then it dripped all evening from the trees before more rain came. It was chilly. I slept in my hammock on the side of Glastonbury mountain. Carpenter went on to the shelter about 3.5 miles further. I just didn’t want to hike anymore.

The weather has been really nice, even though it rained. Cool temps are great for hiking. The mud is bad but not horrible. The bugs are hardly worth mentioning. There are lots of ponds and it smells really good in Vermont. Gonna climb the rest of this mountain tomorrow.



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