After 3.5 miles and meeting up with Carpenter at Goddard shelter, having coffee and talking with south bounders, I climbed the .3 to the fire tower on top of Glastonbury mountain.


There was a good deal of cloud cover but we got some views.


The rest of the day went by pretty slowly. The rocks, roots, and mud are affecting our pace. Now we’re camped out by black brook and had a nice little fire. A few mosquitos tried to pester us.

I met Houdini and her three kids today. They are hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. The youngest, High Five is seven years old.  We met their friends Manny and Bridget in Greenwood Lake before we met them. They chatted us up outside the pharmacy. The trail family extends into town!

It’s not as cool as it was last night. Going to climb Stratton mountain tomorrow. I wish I had more food. I’m so hungry all the time. I have enough to fuel me but not enough to satisfy the ravenous hiker hunger. 15 miles today. Oh, and black brook really does look black. It’s full of tannins.


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