After a toasty night in the shelter with the wood burning stove, we started hiking. I was ravenous and thought it best that we go into Manchester center to get a little more food.

While standing in the parking lot talking to leaks, my trekking pole broke. The carbide tip fell out. Another good reason to go to town. Hitching want too easy, but we made it and the good folks at Mountain Goat outfitter fixed my pole.

Manchester Center is full of snobby rich people i think. We went to the bagel shop while waiting for the repair and ran into Toast and Rusty there. After we were through, we all walked across the street to the Price Chopper where I bought a few beers. Outside the store an old Harvard professor called me stupid. He was taking a lot of nonsense and we were being polite just listening.

The hitch back to the trail head took a while but we got a ride with a guy who was just coming back from camping in the Adirondacks. He had a ferret with him!

At the trail head we drank beer and then it started to rain so we set up my tarp and sat under it for a bit. I invited another hiker in out of the rain. A sobo. His name was Polchar. The people who were coming to pick us
him up gave Carpenter and I half a pizza!

Then we got to hiking and went up Bromley mountain where we watched the sun set. It was gorgeous. We walked straight up a ski slope to get there, then walked on a mile or so more and made camp on the side of the mountain.


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