Well, it rained and thundered and lightening-ed during the night and rained pretty much all day until about 6:00. We camped with Rusty and Toast and no one wanted to break camp in the rain. We begrudgingly did though and Carpenter and I waited for the mail lady to come to the outfitter in Killington with his package of winter gear. She came around 1pm.

I wasn’t feeling too good today, but I felt a little better after some ibuprofen or what hikers call vitamin I.

My friend’s father lives in VT and he offered to pick us up. We got a tour of the town and the story on the damage of hurricane Irene. Then I got a shower! I haven’t showered since Massachusetts. It was amazing. We also got our laundry done, so Carpenter and I smell clean for once. Good stuff. We also got hot food for dinner that was baked in an oven and water from a tap that we didn’t have to filter or purify and strawberry shortcake! I’m overwhelmed.

Now we’re camped behind the house where we’ll sleep better than if we tried to sleep inside. Hoping for a restful nights sleep. I’m worn out. Might be the 1700+ miles of hiking… I’m looking forward to going home. The end is in sight. We have some great hiking ahead yet. I’m trying to not let the thought of finishing encroach on my enjoyment of hiking. It’s easy to get carried away with the end and be distracted from the present moment.


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