After a chilly night, Carpenter and I walked into Hanover and got our free slice of pizza at Ramunto’s. It smelled so good in there. I ogled the pizzas for a bit but refrained from spending any money. We skipped the free bagel at Metro and the free donut at Lou’s because we had passed those places before the pizza without knowing they offered free stuff. The free Snickers at the outfitter was a bust because the outfitter closed in the spring.

We got celebrity treatment in town. Several people stopped us to ask us questions about hiking. How far have you hiked? When did you start? Where are you from? Same questions everyone asks.

We hiked 13 some miles today. We had a late start. We were going to go a few miles further but came to a swampy water source that we were relying on and it took us a long time to gather the water so we stopped near moose mountain shelter at the tent sites. That’s the name of the mountain we’re on right now. It’s only about 2000 feet high.

My pack feels so heavy after getting my winter gear back. I felt like my legs were really weak today. I’m not sure if that’s because of the extra weight or because I’m malnourished. Hopefully I feel stronger tomorrow.

Oh, I’m in New Hampshire now! Last state before Maine! There’s about 150 miles of trail here, about the same as Vermont. The terrain has been similar so far. We stopped and picked blackberries this afternoon.


Gotta get those antioxidants! Didn’t see very many other hikers today. A few trail runners and day hikers and one thru hiker this morning. Beautiful sunny seventy degree weather today.


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