Well, well, well… the rain started soon after we broke camp and only let up for a couple hours in the afternoon. During that dry spell, I reveled in a game of croquet at Bill Ackerly’s house. He lives right off the trail and gives hikers free ice cream and water. I got a couple beers too. I did not have the pleasure of meeting Bill, but I did meet his friend Ashley who is staying at the house while Bill is out visiting his daughter.

Ashley was making a chandelier of sorts and Carpenter had a good time helping and answering questions.


Occupy was there too and a few other hikers dropped in for a bit. I got antsy and decided to leave while it wasn’t raining. I climbed Smarts mountain. Big long rock slabs greeted me and the rain started again. the last section up three mountain was really steep. There were even rungs installed on the rock. Look closely.


I was really hungry when I climbed that last .5 mile. I was really happy to get to the Fire Warden’s Cabin at the top. When I got there I had full intentions of moving on, but the rain got harder and I started getting cold, so I decided to stay. This shelter has four walls and a door. You can’t ask for much better.

In other news, I think my stove is kaputz. It’s been acting funny for weeks and tonight I couldn’t get it lit at all. I had to borrow Nemo’s stove. A sobo. Oh my! I’ll have to buy a new one I guess. I wish Carpenter were here so I could use his, but I think he got caught up in another game of croquet and is probably staying the night six miles back at Bill Ackerly’s.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and I think I’ll shoot for the hostel in Glencliff or the shelter right afterward, depending on my food situation.

I had a fun day today in the rain. It actually kinda lifted my spirits. I like those challenges on the trail. It makes life interesting. Eager for my dad to come out later this week! Haven’t seen him in five months now!

Oh geez, and I saw a bear today. That brings the total to six bear. It crossed the trail about 25 feet ahead of me while I was climbing smarts mountain. Just a big black furry ball running off into the woods.


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