Today is my five month anniversary of being on trail. It doesn’t seem as if it has been that long, but then again, Georgia does seem like a long, long time ago.

I slept okay in the Smart’s mountain fire ranger cabin. I forgot what it’s like to sleep in a crowded shelter. Hikers rolling around in their sleeping bags, snoring, breathing. I had to fight for my space on the floor, pushing hikers away from me as they unconsciously try to curl up next to me. I like my hammock.
Here’s the cabin this morning:


Yesterday was Snickers birthday, a nobo I just met. I lit my lighter and told him to make a wish and blow out the flame. We had a fun group, but there were late comers who were peeved when we said the shelter was full. You gotta learn to expect that.

So, I made my way down Smarts mountain this morning and saw moose tracks in the mud! I also saw fresh moose poop, but no live moose.


So, I hiked 20 miles today to Glencliff, NH where I’m staying at the hikers welcome Hostel.


It’s a real chill place, but when I first got here I was overwhelmed or maybe just tired and had to sit on the steps a bit where I was when Legion gave me the run down on procedure. The shower and toilet and laundry are outside under the same tarp and there’s a spot for campfires and designated tenting areas. I chose to stay inside on a real mattress.

The shower was great once the water got hot. Ledge and lady and db are here. I finally met So Way and Miss Janet gave me a ride to the convenience store where I did a 1.5 day resupply. This is Miss Janet’s van:


I met a sobo who got kidnapped for a few days. Which means that some nobos took him under their wing. His name was Aristotle. When we dropped him off at the trail head he used his phone flashlight to light the trail. When we got back to the Hostel I hung around the fire and we told jokes and stories. Good times.

The trail was nice today. Nothing real difficult. Miss Janet said I can kiss 20 mile days goodbye from here on out. Awww… Today is the AT’s 76th birthday. Which is cool that it coincides with my five month anniversary. Almost all the sobos I met on trail today scared the crap out of me because I didn’t hear them coming. New Hampshire is the most beautiful state yet. I’m excited for the rest of it even though its going to be so hard. A real mattress feels nice. It’s after 11 now and I should be asleep. This is one of those days where I can’t imagine not hiking. I love the AT. The trail provides. I’m glad it’s going to be around even after I’m gone. It’s such a unique amazing experience.

Check out these purple mushrooms


Oh and I think I saw a loon today.


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