Last night several night hikers passed our camp. I wasn’t sure if it was just a dream but leaks and occupy heard them too. I was on trail before seven. I climbed wolf mountain, then took a break at Eliza Brook shelter, then it was on up Kinsman. Wowee. I pulled myself up that mountain. Lots of rock scrambles. I took it slow because I really don’t want to get hurt. It was super fun. I dropped one of my poles down a steep scramble and instead of retrieving it, I waited for Samba to come around the corner and he brought it up to me.


I spent an hour at the southern peak of kinsman enjoying the view and eating. Then I walked a mile to the northern peak and stayed there for 1.5 hours, mostly taking to a day hiker named Steve. I got a text from Carpenter saying he was at the south peak so when I left, I told Steve to give him the message that I had moved on to get water from the next campsite and that’s just where Carpenter found me. Reunited!
Here is a view of Franconia ridge. I’ll be climbing that.


We took our time in the last few miles of the day because my Dad wasn’t meeting us until later. We stopped at our first hut in the whites. There are nine of them. Anyone can stay there as long as you’re willing to fork over over $100/night. Its a bunkhouse buy you also get breakfast and dinner. They hikers can sleep on the floor and get food if they do work for stay, but that’s not a sure thing. The hut crew I met was really nice. I just went in for water and to check the place out. The Hunger and Catch 22 were there. I hadn’t seen Catch since Maryland. They were planning on doing the hut hike. 52 miles in 24 hours hitting all nine huts. Nuts.

We took the wrong trail down the mountain but it actually worked out better. It was easier for my Dad to find us. We went out to eat and then had a heck of a time trying to find a place to sleep. All the hotels and campsites were full and it was too late to go back to the trail. We found a weird camping place within the national forest where you can just park on the side of the gravel road and camp anywhere you can find a spot. After a couple more beers we went to bed around 1am. Boy am i tired, but happy. I got new shoes today and my mom sent normal clothes: jeans and a cotton t shirt, so I wore those at dinner and all evening. It felt strange (but great) to be wearing regular non hiking clothes. Thanks mom!


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