I slept good at the campground, but was awakened by the sound of traffic on the gravel road right next to us. We had coffee and oatmeal and cookies made by mom for breakfast. After sorting through and repackaging food for three people, I went through my dads pack and took out stuff he didn’t need. I don’t think he liked that too much but his body will. I let him keep his underwear.

We had a few errands to run this morning. New stove for me, new shoes and socks for Carpenter. Then we picked up Leaks at Chet’s, signed the poster for 2013 hikers and drive to the flume visitor center where I got information on parking and shuttles.

We didn’t start hiking til mid afternoon. We’re at liberty mountain now after a 3 mile climb. Lots of rocks. It’s great having my Dad out here. I hope I don’t wear him out too much. Tomorrow we’ll be on top of Franconia ridge. Should be some beautiful views. The weather has been awesome. The trails here are pretty crowded, but its the weekend so that’s to be expected.


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