We climbed down Mt liberty this morning, then up to Franconia ridge, two miles of hiking above tree line. We hit Mt Lincoln first, then Lafayette. The views were spectacular and we watched white float planes soar over us gracefully.


After greeting back to treeline we had a steep downhill then right back up to Garfield. And we ended with another steep downhill to camp, a very mossy stealth spot. We did about nine miles today, but it was a rough nine and we took a lot of breaks.

The best part of the day was running into Grim, Whistle, Clever Girl and Dumptruck again who we haven’t seen since new Jersey. They came up behind us while we were taking a break going up Garfield. Wow was it good to see them. We’re all camped together right now except Leaks who made camp a little ways back up the mountain. We weren’t sure we’d find one spot for all of us, so he took what he could find.

There were lots of people up on Franconia ridge. Too crowded but once we passed the Greenleaf hut, we saw hardly anyone at all.

My Dad fell and scraped his elbow. Now he looks like a badass. Clever Girl has a ukelele now and we sang songs after dinner. We also played a game called TASH. I’m beat. My new shoes feel great. Fifth pair on trail. They’re also pretty flashy.


The weather has been perfect. Someone told Carpenter to stay on the trail today on the ridgeline where it’s difficult to decipher which array of rocks is or isn’t the trail. We had fun with that incident and made jokes all afternoon.

Check out this group of gorgeous thru hikers.



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