Today my Dad, Carpenter and I climbed up to Galehead Hut where we got free left over pancakes and oatmeal. Free food tastes delish. After hanging out for a while with whistle and them and Leaks, who met us there, we climbed a steep .8 up to the top of South Twin. It was really windy up top and Carpenter and I found a protected place to sit while waiting for Dad and Leaks. When they came up we sat and enjoyed the view some more, then did a nice ridge walk to Guyot and then another climb up to Zealand. It’s fun to look back and be able to see what mountain you came from and where we were days ago. Here is me on south twin:


My Dad was on fire today. He’s getting his trail legs. Boy, he was right, he really can move in those flat sections. It’s just the ups and downs that slow him down. Here he it’s on Guyot:


We tried to get work for stay at Zealand Falls Hut, but the Florida flip floppers had already snagged spots. Levi, the crew leader directed us to some stealth sites about .4 miles away. After setting up camp, Carpenter and Leaks went back to the hut to see if they could get any leftovers. They were serving ginger chicken, rice and corn. Meanwhile Dad and I made a fire, hung a rope for our food, made dinner and had a good time.

Around 8:40 the boys came back in good spirits. They had gotten hot food after doing some chores at the hut. They even brought us back a baggie. Yum! Always room for more food in a thru hiker stomach. They came back so late because they had to wait for the hut guests to finish eating first.

After some stories around the fire, we retired to our separate quarters to rest up for another day of hiking tomorrow.

My Dad said he’s having a fun time and admitted that his feet hurt, but only after we said ours hurt.  😉


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