We had an easy day today. Just 7 miles to Crawford Notch where we planned to get off the trail and resupply. The terrain was very flat with one section of downhill into the notch.

I saw my first moose! Yay!! I was just starting the descent when I heard crashing to my left. Something big. I turned to look and about 30 feet off the trail I saw a big brown something. At first I thought it was a bear but it didn’t move like a bear. It was a moose butt! The crashing stopped so I knew it was still nearby. I turned around to shush my dad and Leaks (Carpenter was already way ahead) then I crept up the trail. I thought I lost it but no! There he was staring right at me with his head between two trees! I motioned for the guys to come closer. There was a family that caught up to us and the boys saw the moose too. The moose made my day. I couldn’t get a very good picture but use your imagination.


The next awesome thing that happened was trail magic! It was from Clever Girl’s mom which was even better than the magic itself. What a wonderful lady. We got homemade cookies, milk, bananas, apples and oranges. We hung out with Clever Girl, her mom, Grim, Whistle, Dumptruck and a few other hikers while my dad took the shuttle to get his van.


Once in North Conway we went to International Mountaineering Equipment. They have a consignment shop in the basement and my dad got a new pack and we went through and gave him another shake down. It was fun. Then we got a hotel room, had some beers and went to the Wolverine for dinner. Terrible service. Nasty waitresses. We got brown ales instead of IPAs. Oh well.

Later Carpenter and I went swimming in the outdoor motel pool. And then we crashed. Busy busy day. Gotta resupply tomorrow.

North Conway is a cool little ski bum town. It’d be fun to come out here again in the winter. It’s been really fun hiking with my dad. He’s having a blast, just takes a few days for him to get into vacation mode.


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