Breakfast at Priscilla’s was excellent. My dad laughed at how much food I ate. Two waffles, bacon, home fries. We needed to resupply, but stopped at US Cellular first because my phone and Carpenter’s phones aren’t working properly. They were able to fix his phone but I would have had to send my phone in to get fixed, so I just got a new one:a Samsung galaxy s4. It’s nice. It has a 13 mega pixel camera so my pictures will look better. I will be missing the post from 8/19 until I can get some WiFi to post it from my old phone.

We resupplied while waiting for the tech people to do their thing and ran into Clever Girl’s mom at the grocery store. The phone thing took a while and we went to look for a new trekking pole tip. My other one broke now too! No luck.
We got on the trail at 4 and climbed mt Webster out of Crawford Notch. There were rock scrambles after Webster cliff and we hiked til after dark.


My dad and Leaks got ahead of Carpenter and I and stayed at the pay campsite near Mizpah hut. We stayed about a half mile back outside of the Forest Protection Area (FPA). There is no camping or fires allowed in the FPAs. I’m exhausted, but saw some beautiful views today and had great hiking in perfect weather. The moon was red tonight.


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