I am so, so tired. I could sleep for days. We only did five or six miles today, so I’m not sure why I’m so tired. We’re in the presidential range and started the day climbing Mt Pierce/Clinton. Then it was a beautiful walk in alpine, all the time walking closer and closer to Mt Washington.


The weather was beautiful, but windy up on the summits. We got to Lakes of the Clouds Hut around 1:30 which is just shy of the Mt Washington summit. They were calling for thunderstorms so we asked to do work for stay. We waited outside and just passed the time. I met a nobo named Beer Goddess and a section hiker named Bird Legs who have me some peanut butter pop tarts.

It started raining while the crew was cleaning up after dinner, so we waited inside. Thru hikers have to wait until everyone else is done eating before we get dinner. It was agonizing. The hut master blew a horn to call the thru hikers in and we got to eat around 8pm. Steak pieces, corn, beans, bread. I had two plates.

It started to rain harder and got really foggy but no thunderstorms. Now I’m listening to the wind howl as I lay in my sleeping bag in the dining hall. We could have made it to the summit and all the way to Madison hut and the free campground nearby. We should have hiked.

All the noise and constant activity at the hut has really turned me off to work for stay. I’d rather be in my hammock with the rain falling on my tarp. Oh well. I’m glad I got the experience. Hopefully it clears up tomorrow. It’s dangerous to be up on the ridge in rain.


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