Dad and Carpenter left early today to try to catch the early shuttle so Carpenter could get his package at the post office and dad could get the van at Crawford Notch. Leaks and I left a little later and ended up at the Great Gulf Wilderness parking lot instead of the Pinkham Notch visitor center. Turns out we took a wrong turn the previous night. Oops!

Leaks and I hitched a ride to the visitor center where my dad was going to pick us up and we sprung for the 12 dollar all you can eat breakfast. Waiting around we talked to a few flip floppers: Sunrise and another Sunshine. She is Brazilian and really funny. I got a kick out of her. Flip floppers are thru hikers that hike part of the trail north and the other part south. So they hiked north to Waynesboro, VA, then flew to Maine and are hiking south from Katahdin back to Waynesboro.

When Dad picked us up we drove to Gorham to pick up Carpenter who had hitched into town and then find a place to sleep. After resupplying we went to Northern Peaks motel and opened some beers. We ran into Grim and Whistle who came over to join in the fun. Later we hit the hot tub. Yeah!


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