It rained some last night and this morning we got a late start and headed up a 2000′ climb up Wildcat E. There were boulder scrambles, rock faces, crevasses. I was grabbing trees trunks, tossing my trekking poles ahead of me, holding my breath at times, especially going up those little wooden steps they attach to the sheer rock walls. Since it rained last night the wood was slippery. Well, everything was slippery today.


At one of the wildcat peaks there is a gondola that takes people up and down the mountain. We considered doing it, but $15 wasn’t the right price. The rest of the Wildcats were fun. Luckily the descent into Carter Notch wasn’t as steep.

Tonight we did work for stay at Carter Notch Hut. The crew said they’d never seen a they hiker wash dishes as fast as me. I got to scrub the grease catches too and the oven top. For dinner we got salad, bread, fried chicken, fried onions, peas, beans, mashed potatoes, brownies, cinnamon rolls and a deep fried Oreo (not very good). Luke, Ben and George, the hut crew here were a fun bunch. Luke took Carpenter and I up to couch rock, this ledge that juts off over a nearby pond. We played with a laser pointer and swapped stories.

Tomorrow we’ll be near Gorham again. We hung some food in a tree nearby the road into Gorham yesterday so we can retrieve it and not go into town for another resupply. The other option would have been to carry about a week’s worth of food. Less weight on my back is always better though. We’ll be out of the whites soon!


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