Had an easy walk into town today and out of the whites. I really liked the White Mountains, but I’m glad to be out of them. I’d like to go back in the winter. Winter sports bring a lot of people to the mountains. People do ice climbing out here and there’s a lot of skiing.

After retrieving our food from the tree we had hung it in, we decided we still didn’t have quite enough food to get to Andover, our next resupply, so we hitched into Gorham. It was tough getting a ride, but eventually an Austrian staying in Canada a while picked us up. He was very interested in the trail. It’s too bad we couldn’t talk to him longer. We got town food at Welsh’s, which is the same place I had all you can eat brunch on Sunday. I got an omelette filled with corned beef hash and provolone and had home fries and toast too. We charged electronics while eating and then went to Cumberland Farms for some more food. It’s a convenience store and everything is really expensive so I didn’t get much, but as luck would have it, we found a bag of macaroni in the bear box at the campsite we’re at tonight, so now I’m not so worried about running out of food.

We had a 1800 foot climb out of Gorham, then a 600. It started to thunderstorm and we raced across the open peaks as fast as we could to dart lightening strikes. Then we stopped here because if we went on we’d be on another 1000′ climb in storms. This site is nice. River Song showed up later and is camped here too. She stayed in town at a hostel last night.

So, I’ve got less than 300 miles left on this hike. It seems so close, but yet so far. I’m ready to go home, but people say Maine is the prettiest hiking and I’m not gonna miss it if I can help it. I did a little trail magic and gave my White Mountains map to a southbounder today, saying, “you’re still going to get lost, but at least you’ll know where you are.” Oh, saw a lot of moose poop today and a woodpecker. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day. Can you guess why?


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