I’m in Maine! I walked here from Georgia. That’s 1900 miles. 280 to go. Maine isn’t shy. I’m half a mile in and I already had to take off my pack to shimmy down a steep boulder scramble. Pictures cannot fully capture the terrain for today.

It started out tame enough. Soggy, but walkable, some puddle jumping, root hopping, plenty of dirt and leaves for a cushiony surface. Gradual elevation changes. The climb up to Wocket Ledge, I began to spot droplet covered, spider webs almost everywhere. Then walking across some boards over a pond, I noticed that the water bugs standing on the surface of the pond only scuttled around when I took a step. Everything was so much more welcoming and friendly than the whites.
Then it all turned around. Sheer rock slabs, some near vertical. They never stopped. They went on and on and on. It was more like bouldering than hiking. I crossed a pit of car-sized rocks, pulling never before seen moves. Oh, and everything was slick because it rained last night. What fantastic frustrating fun it was!


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